The brand

“There is no one fashion, there is just your fashion. » The one that makes you feel good at all times but above all you will be You.

Being yourself in Osanna

At Osanna, we like to think that women have a special place in the world. Moreover, at the head of Osanna Creazionne, a woman, Rebecca Ferrali.

A born artist and talented pianist, this passionate Corsican designer has transformed over the years into a brilliant stylist who inspires everything. Firstly, his native island where his values ​​were born, his taste for freedom to create models where we feel good, his love of living, vibrant colors, a tribute to the unique setting of Corsica... Travel, from the very beginning of the world sometimes, for their very personal influence, rich in new cultures and extraordinary traditions. It is all this that shines through in Rebecca's constantly renewed imagination for models serving women and the expression of their femininity. But Osanna Creazionne is also ease in the movement of the body, optimal comfort which combines with a carefully measured touch of elegance or sensuality, plays with chic, adapts to everyday life for outfits that , at all times, on every occasion, adapt and enhance you.

Osanna fabric featured 

The second star of Osanna Creazionne is its fabric! During her travels, the idea of ​​a practical fabric took hold in Rebecca's mind. She dreams of it being wrinkle-free for easy transport, light, taking up little space, pleasant on the skin. Thus was born this “living” fabric, with a beautiful fluidity whose drape is impeccable whatever the cut of the garment, which happily dresses all body types. Its qualities don't stop there! Designed for everyday life or special occasions but above all to make everyday life easier, it requires no ironing, it can be washed at low temperature and dries in the blink of an eye. All our models, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts or shorts, tops, wraps, bodysuits highlight it and vice versa. We could praise this fabulous fabric at greater length here, but it is still our creations that speak of it best. We invite you to browse our store to get to know our range.

Quality has a price but not just any price!

At Osanna, we of course take particular care in creating our clothing line. We want them to be durable, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. Respect for people, good working conditions and preservation of the environment nevertheless remain at the heart of our approach. Every day, we fight to offer you a fair price that meets all these criteria. We ensure that our products remain accessible to you without sacrificing style or quality and we are committed to continuing to work in this direction to satisfy you as best as possible.

Self-confidence through outfit

What's better than what we choose because we like it, which dresses us well, which is comfortable? What's better than clothing that enhances us, in which we feel good? Nothing like it to have self-confidence, to feel beautiful, good about yourself, literally “dressed” in positivity! Osanna Creazione is proud to support you on a daily basis in choosing your clothes, proud to allow you to express your personality. Don't doubt it, you are unique!