Collection: Jumpsuits Pants

The jumpsuit is THE fashion piece to have in your wardrobe. Osanna models feature fluid or straight lines, always pleasant to wear. With a jacket, we already love it for spring; in summer, wrap-around, low-cut, with straps or backless, it follows us in our daily lives and for special occasions.

Our Collection of Trouser Jumpsuits

This is the essential item of clothing in your wardrobe! All seasons suit him! The jumpsuit has the extreme advantage of being versatile. It is both practical, in that you can carry it everywhere; it is comfortable allowing you to feel completely at ease whatever the occasion; and finally, it appears chic and elegant to accompany you on a special evening, an event or a ceremony.

At Osanna, our models are designed to best adapt to each body shape. Our choice of combinations is vast with various shapes in multiple plain or printed colors. And always, in our brand's flagship fabric, wrinkle-free, fluid, which fits so easily on the body.

Be Trendy, Chic or Practical in an Osanna Jumpsuit

Whatever model you choose, it will adapt to the occasion, at the chosen time.

A wedding evening, a reception, opt for our Prisma backless pantsuit for a sexy look or our asymmetrical Pisana model, comfortable with its fluid cut and original with its very trendy one-shoulder. Be comfortable for a fast-paced day as well as an impromptu dinner in our Paula jumpsuit. Plain colors are soft or bright, glamorous black, luminous khaki, essential terracotta, etc.; the prints are tonic, romantic or vintage.

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