Collection: Flowy Pants

Our women's pants have a straight or loose cut, they are flared or high waisted, plain or printed. All different but all practical and chic, comfortable and trendy so that you are comfortable without sacrificing elegance. With our large selection of tops, bodysuits, headbands and vests, create the combination that will suit the occasion and above all that will reflect you.

Our collection of Fluid Pants

Today, pants are not only practical and comfortable, they are adaptable and elegant. Relaxed but chic, casual while remaining feminine, these flowing pants are comfortable for all everyday occasions. It can thus assert a stylish and modern professional look, slip on a swimsuit for a trip to the beach, invite itself to a dinner or a special evening, a ceremony with a classy or daring look. While allowing you to feel free to move, it seduces with its versatility and quickly becomes essential.

Thanks to the unique material of our Osanna fabric, the fluid pants are light on the skin, take up little space in a wardrobe or a suitcase... Incomparable ease of maintenance because they dry quickly and require no ironing.

The Fluid Pants: live practical in all femininity

No longer worry about sacrificing comfort for style! In our range of flowing pants, well-being is an integral part of the garment. With very diverse cuts, every body shape will find something to suit every occasion. Our Cairon model has a slightly body-hugging cut; the Caroussel pants are very loose with a tight hem for a chic touch. We are totally comfortable in our Claudia with its straight cut and a sliding tie at the waist. Our Cassandra model has a flared cut and can be worn low-waisted for the most daring.

With our wide choice of tops, bodysuits, headbands, plain or printed, play with harmony or contrast and create the perfect combination with our flowing pants.